Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

In 2007 the borough became aware that as more and more of their support staff began to work remotely they needed to improve and streamline their remote working structure so that employees could securely access the main network with the minimum of inconvenience.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
Lincoln City Council

How Lincoln City Council revised its data security system with a single click Overview The Lincoln City Council has nine remote offices, with over 600 members of staff. The Council is responsible for local planning, building control, roads and council housing. With over 80,000 residents in Lincoln, the Council has to handle a vast amount of confidential information. Data security is always a concern – authenticated access must be easy to use, reliable and above all secure.

Chorley Council

CHORLEY COUNCIL AUTHENTICATES THEIR WAY LOCAL AUTHORITY CLAMPS DOWN ON DATA SECURITY WITH SECURENVOY Chorley Council had been using hardware token-based authentication for seven years but, due to the escalating costs and security risks, decided to review their current system and look into more cost-effective alternatives.

By deploying SecurEnvoy SecurAccess we were able to enhance the user experience. The fact that we were able to reduce the cost and administration overhead as well was a bonus.

Dave Mansfield

Public sector organisations choose SecurEnvoy because we deliver
  • Deployable on-premise, where the cloud is non-compliant  

  • Licensing system engineered for efficiency

  • Integration with all major technology platforms


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