Torkes launches “OTP as a Service” based on SecurAccess by SecurEnvoy

SecurEnvoy partner Torkes, a Colombian company dedicated to create managed service over Hardware and Software platforms, recently launched “OTP as a Service”. An OTP, short for One Time Passcode, secures remote logins and different types of applications such as VPN, WEB, Virtualization, IVR, etc. via strong two factor authentication. It is based on the tokenless method by SecurEnvoy. This technology allows users to authenticate using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, landlines, among others in which passcodes are received and/or generated without the need of additional hardware.

OTP as a Service allows all types of businesses – from SMBs to enterprises – strong authentication implementation to secure access to their applications quickly, easily and at low cost. Because it is a managed service, users do not have to invest in infrastructure such as servers and software licenses with the implications of depreciation and obsolescence that this entitles or assign staff to support it. OTP as a Service offers quick enrolment and user implementation in a scalable and flexible way. Furthermore, it is a fully managed service. Due to not using hardware tokens it even reduces the carbon footprint and serves as a “green” application.

Authentication via QR code

With OTP as a service companies can secure applications and remote logins twice, because the two factor authentication method requires personal login information (something the user knows) combined with the OTP on the device the user owns. Only the correct combination allows access. There are several ways how to receive the OTPs: via SMS, email, Soft Token Apps or Voice Call with passcodes entered in the phones keypad to session lock the voice network with the Internet. A new option comes with the One Swipe method released in version 7.2. It can be used without mobile phone reception or internet connection: The user’s mobile phone displays a single-use QR code which the user simply photographs via a webcam. This way the user is ambiguously identified.

“The rapid growth of cloud services such as IaaS, Paas and SaaS requires the implementation of security mechanisms not only at the level of encryption and encoding of information but rather generate protection from access and thus combat intrusion mechanisms increasingly common as phishing, key loggers, etc.”,  comments Luis Felipe Lugo, TORKES General Manager. “We see SecurEnvoy as the perfect partner for the development of this line of business in the region since through its solutions and experiences we can facilitate the use of these technologies in markets that previously would consider this as unreachable because of the internal requirements needed.”

“The market has changed in recent years and now needs and demands the flexibility of our providers to have both on-premise and hosted options”, adds  Steve Watts, Sales & Marketing Director for SecurEnvoy. “The advent of the cloud has allowed our partners to offer turn-key solutions that customers need in their changing enterprises. This is a key relationship to us and a strategic move to grow further into the South American market with Torkes. Having a tokenless solution that can be used on any device, using any method of communication both online and in offline modes, and is elegantly simple to use and manage is key to the growth in this region. A new ‘One Swipe’ version has been added to accompany SMS, email, apps and voice methods of authentication and further releases will be announced later this year”.


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