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Survey finds the average kid could crack your password using social networking tools

Forty two percent of IT professionals believe that the average kid could crack most end-user’s passwords using social networking tools.  […]

SecurEnvoy offers choice of a soft token on whichever device an employee chooses

SecurEnvoy has launched a new service where users are permitted to choose which device they wish to receive their soft […]

Motiv Chooses 2 Factor Authentication from SecurEnvoy

Berkshire (UK) and IJsselstein (Netherlands) – SecurEnvoy today confirmed that Motiv is not just selling its solutions, but is also using […]

Tokenless® two factor authentication is officially a business grade service

SecurEnvoy is delighted today to confirm that it has successfully patented its ‘preload’ technology for SecurAccess and SecurMail. This sanction […]

Two-factor Authentication – World of the Token Necklace

Security breaches are on the up – we all know that – and they are set to get worse. In […]

SecurEnvoy Releases New App to Revolutionize Two Factor Authentication

Free soft tokens now available out of the box with Google authenticator compatibility, adding extra protection for iPhone and other […]

9 out of 10 say the token is dead

We like to stay in touch with all our customers, making sure that we’re providing the best possible products and […]

SecurEnvoy comes of age

Last month we released SecurEnvoy Suite 5.4, a collection of four two-factor authentication solutions including SecurAccess and SecurPassword. Part of […]

Three reasons why the tech sector loves SecurEnvoy

Every company makes data and network security a priority, but firms in the technology sector pay particular attention to security […]