So is a token weaker than tokenless authentication?

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SecurEnvoy, the leader in tokenless two factor authentication poled 1,000 people to survey how they manage their own mobile phone and concluded that people value and manage their mobile phone moreso than a token; to the point that many of us do suffer with nomophobia – the anxiety of being away from your mobile!

With so many of us feeling in our pockets every five minutes if our phone hasn’t vibrated or rung lead SecurEnvoy to try and understand what it is that makes us so reliant on our mobiles!

We believed that our invention, the tokenless method of providing two factor authentication, is the modern method of reaching many remote users with speed and at a cost less than other traditional methods. However the question always arises what is more secure – the tokenless method we brought to market or the traditional smart cards and tokens? Well the only way to find out is to understand how people protect and manage such a device!

The majority of people who carry authentication devices such as usb devices, smart cards and plastic tokens do so because they have to, they only take them with them when they remember to or when they are absolutely needed. So what happens when I don’t need the token and leave it at home, in the office drawer or in the car ash tray? Well its vulnerable to be stolen and it’s not available when I need it – so convenience and security are potentially compromised here.

So we carried out a survey by OnePoll of 1000 people in employment, asking about their feelings towards losing their mobile phone. The overwhelming majority confirmed they carry the mobile everywhere with them to the extent the device even charges next to them at bed-time! Some even check they are still carrying the device if it hasn’t been operated in the last five minutes. So where traditional tokens fail is where they are not desirable to be carried around, unlike mobiles that are with us 24/7/365!

The survey found that 66% of the population suffer from Nomophobia!

From the results we saw there was a significant rise in the number of people who fear losing their mobiles, compared to the results from earlier surveys. So attitudes towards the mobile have changed now to the point that we care soo much for our phone we don’t allow it to venture away from our side, not for even a rest at night!

No one in the survey cared about carrying a token, unlike their own mobile and confirmed our suspicions that the tokenless evolution that we created is the way forward for the mass who care about what they carry around with them, who desire convenience and simplicity and who are also conscious of cost – the tokenless solution we have brought to the market has been accepted and adopted globally.

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Obessive compulsive disorder. russell/standup: you can test yourself to see if you are a nomophobe. first visualize yourself without your phone. then leave it behind and lengthen the time you spend away from your phone. if you can’t do it. you may be a nomophobe. reporting from our mobile news room in reno, terri russell kolo 8 news now. in the SecurEnvoy’s study 70-percent of female respondents fear losing their phone compared to 61-percent of male respondents. however men were more likely to have two…”

In any other models so far though there’ve been no reports of injuries photos should probably come as no surprise there’s a growing number of cases of homophobia what is value as it is the fear of being out of mobile loan contact according to the tech company Secure Envoy 66% of people surveyed say they worry about such a thing that is up from just 50% four years ago 43� partly sunny skies we got a 38 night midtown which is time

Women than men worry about losing their phones. but as i found out talking with some men out here–they’re just as worried as the women. ” ewa- your phone falls in the toilet. how do you feel? mike- a little bummed out. definitely starting to figure out how do i get a replacement.” michael lopes does freak out a little when he loses his cell phone. but he says he’s no – nomophobe. sot 11:16:31:21-11:16:38:16 ” couple weeks ago on my way to the airport, i lost my phone. i thought i lost it in the towncar that took me to the airport. i started freaking out.” a new study done by security authentication company secure-envoy finds that fear of losing your phone is common these days.

No mo-phobia. and asha tomlinson is here with more on this condition which i already know i have it. >> reporter: i do too. and the symptoms include anxiety, you may even hyper ventilate and sweaty palms and the fact is that this is out of a study commissioned by Secure Envoy and it says two out of three smartphone or cell phone users are absolutely terrified of being without their phones. researchers say that the number of people suffered from…


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Nomophobia – fear of being without your phone – on the rise

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