Fish can’t see water!

What a thought, when you are so absorbed in your situation you cant always see what’s right ahead of you! Like fish in water, our industry specialists get so involved that the obvious isn’t always as obvious as we think. When Englishman Roger Bacon invented the concept of lenses it seemed a bizarre thought to hang rims over your nose in order to read the paper, yet today its taken for granted. Like our invention of tokenless authentication, nearly fifteen years ago, the concept of using your phone as a token was quite far fetched when we brought this to market, and yet today its been adopted and globally accepted.

Like a duck to water, its obvious and yet so many delay engaging with the simplicity of tokenless authentication. Once users are introduced to it, there is no turning back for the security and convenience of the solution makes it second nature almost like fish in water – tokenless authentication really is for everyone in business and there’s no excuse why not to adopt best practice now and not wait for the flood to fill your lap tomorrow!

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